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Library employees face countless changes, big and small, in their workplaces every day: not only the COVID-19 pandemic but also such commonplace events as open positions, renovations, budget cuts, and new library systems. No single handbook can anticipate all the changing needs. This case study discusses how one particular library responded, in a specific time and context. The librarians and staff created a model of self-leadership in an effort to articulate a shared purpose and to establish cohesion and well-being in a group that was sometimes divided and stressed. Lessons learned include the importance of ways of thinking, rather than specific protocols, and the value of trust, listening, and transparency.


Original citation: Margolin, S., & Abrahamsson, M. (2021). An "Anti-Handbook Handbook" for Unexpected Changes in a Library Organization. portal: Libraries and the Academy 21(2), 219-230. doi:10.1353/pla.2021.0013.


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