Date of Award

Spring 5-3-2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Elidor Mëhilli

Second Advisor

Manu Bhagavan

Academic Program Adviser

Jonathan Rosenberg


This thesis uncovers the history of the Peace Palace and The Hague’s role in the early days of the internationalist movement. In the process of localizing the early twentieth century history of The Hague, this thesis examines the development of international imagery and culture through design. The Peace Palace as we know it today was ultimately a result of tensions between internationalist ideas (cooperation, arbitration, modernity) and the pride of Old World nationalism. The final design by Louis Cordonnier and J. A. G. Van der Steur repudiates the feeling of modernity surrounding the idea of peace through arbitration. It is only marginally saved by Thomas Mawson’s design for the surrounding Gardens.



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