Date of Award

Spring 5-23-2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Drew Beattie

Second Advisor

Susan Crile

Academic Program Adviser

Joel Carreiro


This paper investigates the relationship between photography and painting. It explores the way in which Mathew Tucker's paintings have been informed by his photographs of everyday places and the ways that they depart from those images and express new and different meanings.

MathewTucker05.19.16InstallationView1.JPG (1457 kB)
Installation View 1

MathewTucker05.19.16InstallationView2.JPG (1847 kB)
Installation View 2

MathewTucker05.19.16InstallationView3.JPG (1581 kB)
Installation View 3

MathewTucker05.19.16InstallationView4b.JPG (1218 kB)
Installation View 4

MathewTucker05.19.16InstallationView5.JPG (1719 kB)
Installation View 5

MathewTucker05.19.16InstallationView6.JPG (1596 kB)
Installation View 6



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