Date of Award

Fall 12-16-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Dr. Caroline Dingle

Second Advisor

Dr. Ofer Tchernichovski

Academic Program Adviser

Dr. Diana Reiss


Natural or human-mediated founder events can lead to changes in avian communication signals, potentially impacting the trajectory of evolution. Warbling white-eye (Zosterops japonicus) was introduced from Japan to the Hawaiian Islands between 1929 – ca. 1937. I recorded primary songs in Hawai‘i (O‘ahu, Big Island) and collected archival recordings, then conducted a comparative analysis between introduced and native song types which revealed significant differences in the O‘ahu and Big Island populations. To test for behavioral responses that corresponded to these differences, I presented conspecific playback stimuli (intra-island, inter-island, native) to individuals in Hawai‘i (O‘ahu, Big Island). Big Island individuals increased responses to songs from their own island across a range of indices. O‘ahu individuals responded at equal rates, indicating response asymmetry between these populations.

Available for download on Tuesday, June 01, 2021