Date of Award

Fall 1-13-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Film and Media Studies

First Advisor

Michael Gitlin

Second Advisor

Veronique Bernard

Academic Program Adviser

Andrew Lund


In Order To Escort Her is a thirty-five minute hybrid-documentary in which Lila, my great-aunt, converses with her niece, my mother, about various supernatural creature encounters and spirit visitations from relatives. This is interspersed with a “visitation” from another close relative, communicating from a different time and space dimension. By weaving together supernatural stories and matter-of-fact accounts of resilience and survival, a magical world is created where boundaries between the material and the invisible realms blur. The main thematic concerns of this film are love, care, presence in joy amidst terror, and the journey of the soul.



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