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Spring 5-2019


"We want John Jay to be known as the premier Hispanic and Minority-Serving Institution in the U.S. This means that not only will we attract and graduate a vibrant and diverse student body, but we will also provide students with an excellent justice-oriented education that cements the foundation for postgraduate and career success, as well as civic participation, leadership, and lifelong learning." (A vision... page 3).

Update on Student Success Vision document : "As you know, we have been working collaboratively on John Jay’s vision for student success. I want to thank everyone in our community who participated in the conversations over the last two years. I’m grateful for your ideas, and we’ve incorporated your feedback into the next iteration of our Student Success Vision document that is posted on our new Student Success webpage, along with a video update about our work. These conversations have helped us develop a shared understanding of how we are doing, where we are headed, and what it will take to get there." (Excerpted from an email from President Karol V. Mason to the College Community 5/7/2019)



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