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Summer 6-21-2022


The use of technology in policing seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the daily duties police officers may encounter. However, there is mixed empirical data on the use of technology and if it is really contributing to the institutional goals of the security sector, or, if it is contributing to other factors. This report provides an exploratory approach to understanding what information technology is being used in Mexico at the state level, in order to compare where broader application of information technology could make impactful contributions to the security situation in the country.

With a focus on six Mexican states, we conducted a desk review, conducted pilot interviews, developed and translated a semi-structured interview schedule, liaised with the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement in Mexico, and conducted interviews (n=20) over WhatsApp. Findings indicate that technology is welcomed and encouraged along security sector professionals. However, the need for a comprehensive mobile application varies across states. We conclude by providing policy recommendations on how a mobile application could assist police and prosecutors in daily work-related activities across Mexico.


Diplomacy Lab Project 1817167, 1817167, U.S. Department of State, Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships and Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs and John Jay College of Criminal Justice

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Master of Arts Degree Program in International Crime and Justice Capstone Course in International Crime and Justice Spring, 2019.



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