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Objective: To increase critical thinking in perinatal nursescaring for patients with preeclampsia, with the support of key nursing, education, and medical leadership, an evidence-based practice.

Design: Quantitative, Descriptive study.

Setting: Metropolitan area of New York.

Participants: A total of six nurses were involved at a time: two from antepartum, two from labor and delivery, and two from postpartum.

Methods: This included 45 minutes for completion of the CCTST, a one-hour lecture supplemented with PowerPoint slides and two studies, two hours engaged in the simulation, 30 minutes for debriefing, and 15 minutes for a post-CCTST.

Results: The test results indicated that there was a significant difference between pre-test and post-test scores. A paired-samples t-test was used to examine the difference between pre-test and the post-test CCTST analysis scores, as reflected in Table 4. The analysis score increased from pre-test to post-test by 0.75 points; the difference between the scores was statistically significant (t(15) = -3.50, p < .01).Simulation increased critical-thinking skills in perinatal nurses in all domains as measured by the CCTST overall scores and the scores in the areas of analysis, evaluation, inference, inductive reasoning, and deductive reasoning. Conclusion: The simulation was a successful EBP change project that increased nurses’ critical thinking and delivered and evaluated evidenced-based care to improve patient outcomes. Simulation increased critical-thinking skills in perinatal nurses.


This article was originally published in POJ Nursing Practice & Research.

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