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Active learning tools, such as gamification, have facilitated teamwork and improved decision-making skills in Anatomy and Physiology classes. However, most Anatomy and Physiology labs currently contain dissection activities where students are not likely to engage in inquiry, critical thinking, or problem-solving. Usually, the instructor gives a brief lecture on the topic, and students are left to dissect without understanding how the lecture relates to what is in front of them, which is frustrating. Coupled with the frustration, some students have adverse opinions on dissecting specimens, including hesitation to dissect the specimen and religious or ethical concerns with dissection. Utilizing similar game mechanics to Taboo (Hasbro) and Milton Bradley's Operation, Incision Precision is a card game that was made to engage students in the dissection lab by allowing them to connect lecture-based information to a physical structure within an organ system. Each card contains an anatomical or physiological description of the organs commonly dissected in the undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology laboratory. For effective gameplay and full participation, the class should be divided into groups containing 3 to 4 students. The group will draw two cards where members can either correctly name the organ or identify the named organ on the dissected specimen. Playing Incision Precision resulted in participation from all group members during the dissection activity, including those with negative feelings about touching the dissected specimen. Due to positive student feedback, Incision Precision has been adapted and played with system-specific organ dissections.

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