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This assignment was developed for students in SYF 101 Psychology who attend a 1-hour library session. This session is aligned with the Inquiry and Problem Solving core competency in terms of exposing students to “Searching as Strategic Exploration” and the Integrative Learning core competency in terms of analyzing “Scholarship as a Conversation.”

In the first of two parts, this session will focus on building subject knowledge and finding background information in encyclopedias. Students will learn how encyclopedias can offer different perspectives on the same topic; they will also create an APA citation for an encyclopedia entry. In order to gain a better understanding of subject knowledge students will create a concept map on ADHD or a topic related to their assignment, which will also help students narrow a research topic from general to specific.

After covering background information in Part 1, students will discuss the difference between news, popular, and scholarly sources as it relates to their research. Information from diverse sources will be examined as existing on a spectrum, rather than in a hierarchy. As a result, students will begin to understand scholarship as a conversation and that different sources meet different research needs. Students will also be introduced to a discipline-specific database like Psych INFO. Again, citation will be covered, this time for scholarly articles.

LaGuardia’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities

Main Course Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be introduced to the concept of library academic resources
  • Students will learn the strengths and weaknesses of different forms of information


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