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In this Inquiry and Problem Solving Assignment students are expected to reflect on their analysis and compare their results with the actual population by conducting their own elementary level research such as searching databases, gathering information and interpreting. Students are expected to comment on the scope of the mathematical model and connect their learning in context to the real-world problem. The assignment includes open-ended questions such as: Write a paragraph about the dynamics of population for the world. What could be some of the possible parameters that contribute to the change in population size? Reflect on what you learned by doing this activity? Students are encouraged to find their own conclusions. As a result, the three dimensions of the core competency are efficiently addressed. These dimensions are, evidence gathering (students gather their own data/information by visiting appropriate databases), analysis (students analyze the given data and find solutions), and reaching a conclusion (students compare the results and draw logical conclusions). The learning objectives of the assignment thus are:

  • Students will be learning quantitative reasoning skills such as interpreting the data, building mathematical models, and graphing techniques using maple software
  • Students will get familiarized with the process of research such as gathering information using databases, analyzing the data using math skills and making conclusions
  • Students will recognize the connection of the math skill they learn in class to the world around them
  • Students will learn math topics in the context of social issues such as population growth

LaGuardia’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities

Main Course Learning Objectives:

The objectives for the Precalculus course (MAT200) includes focus on forming linear, power, and exponential models and to apply them in the solution of real-world problems, and using graphing utilities as aids in the solution of problems.


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