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Establishing the conceptual framework for this book as a whole, this chapter looks at the process of developing an academic identity through the lens of ‘becoming’ a scholar, with particular emphasis on the challenges facing international, part-time EdD students. This process involves not only an intellectual breakthrough, but also an emerging sense of belonging. The inner journey – which intersects with and shapes academic progress – comprises a complex set of interactions between the social groups to which we belong, our beliefs about ourselves that come about through experience, the various contexts in which we operate, the position we hold within those contexts, and the agency we exercise in responding to various pressures. In addition to exploring the relevance of this inner journey, the chapter also situates author experiences within broader educational trends facing universities and key elements of doctoral programs.


This work was originally published in Becoming a Scholar: Cross-Cultural Reflections on Identity and Agency in an Education Doctorate edited by Maria Savva and Lynn P. Nygaard and published by UCL Press. Available through UCL Press at This work is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.



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