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This article examines the role of a female cyber and social activist, Amira Yahyaoui, in the aftermaths of the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia through the lens of adult education. In this case study, the theoretical frameworks of conscientization and third space are utilized to describe Yahyaoui’s development of the watchdog political organization, al-bawsala, for the purpose of transformative learning and knowledge transmission in regard to political practices toward democracy in Tunisia. The focus will be on platforms used by this non-governmental organization (NGO), Al-Bawsala, to educate and raise political consciousness; these participatory platforms are: marsad (parliamentary observatory), debates or town hall meetings between citizens and elected officials, and marsad baladia (municipal observatory).


Boulik, Habiba, and Joni Schwartz. "Conscientization and Third Space: A Case Study of Tunisian Activism." Adult Education Quarterly, 2016, vol. 66, no. 4, pp. 319-35, doi: 10.1177/0741713616652475.



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