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Spring 2020


Diversity is and has been heralded as a cornerstone among high-impact practices within adult education in the United States. It embodies a larger ethos and culture within a campus, including the demography of the student body, staff, and faculty, as well as institutional memory. Yet, diversity is not enough. Inclusion is undervalued, which goes beyond taking solace in bringing together diverse bodies within the room; rather, inclusion requires an institutional response that ensures that these high-impact practices are fully realized. This paper examines the efforts undertaken at an urban community college where the student body reflects racial and cultural diversity in name and number, but where a broad group of faculty and staff confront and openly examine threats to equity and inclusion. It draws upon experiential insight and scholarship while providing recommendations that will allow stakeholders to consider the perpetuation of privilege at their institutions.


Original publication:
Bing, Vanessa Marie, Jason Hendrickson, and Wendy Nicholson. "From Diversity to Inclusion: Challenges and Opportunities at an Urban Community College." Dialogues in Social Justice: An Adult Education Journal, vol 5, no. 1, Spring 2020,

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