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Fall 12-31-2023


Our fall/winter issue explores, with a cool and objective eye, memory and history; it may give you some necessary de ja vu, as we think of family, books, and films we want to preserve. This is our interview/review issue, and we’ve spoken to people or reviewed work that seems necessary for building better futures. Our interview with Amos White argues for the preservation of life-giving and life-affirming trees. We’ve also included reviews of heart-opening books — Tara Christina’s “More than a Drop” and Caron Knauer’s “American Slavery on Film” — that reinforce the significance of familial and collective memory. And Kim Brandon’s work always serves as a reminder to fight, to resist, to not give in.

— The Editors: Tara Christina, Ahmad Wright, and Rochelle Spencer (LaGuardia Community College, English Department)


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