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Winter 2014


CUNY’s Library Information Literacy Advisory Committee (LILAC) will celebrate its tenth anniversary in February 2015. A decade ago twenty librarians from all CUNY libraries came together to review the mission of a new professional committee and establish its charge. Since then the committee members have been working hard and have succeeded in integrating information literacy across the City University curriculum. They have been creating information literacy tutorials and assessment tools, providing support to all CUNY librarians by coordinating and running professional development meetings, seminars, and conferences. This CUNY-wide professional organization, its structure, achievements, and ongoing work deserve to serve as a model of a successful voluntary professional development management group. In order to reconstruct the history of the committee the author interviewed some of its past and present members and searched through archival papers and documents.


Orginally published in LACUNY News 33.2 (Winter 2014)



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