CUNY Mexican Studies Institute

The Mexican Studies Institute of the City University of New York (CUNY MSI) is guided by the principles of boosting enrollment of Mexican and Mexican-American students in CUNY, promoting equity and upward mobility through academic achievement, fostering research with a focus on Mexico and Mexicans in New York, and collaborating with community-based organizations and public institutions to support and empower New Yorkers.

The Mexican Studies Archives & Library is the first dedicated resource center on the East Coast collecting, organizing, and preserving bibliographical sources that document the Mexican experience in New York. We focus on identifying lines of research critical to the Mexican diaspora that may gather significant data on local, national, and international issues. CUNY MSI also partners with international academic institutions and visiting scholars to produce research and publications.


Works from 2021


Demographic and Socioeconomic Landscape in Elmhurst and Corona Queens: Educational Opportunities Initiative, CUNY Mexican Studies Institute, Robert Utzinger, and Jose Higuera Lopez


New Representations of Difference: Mexican Filmmakers in New York City., Luis B. Quesada Nieto


Economic and Social Factors of the Mexican Community in Queens, Robert Utzinger and Jose Higuera Lopez

Works from 2020


Antología Poética Volumen 1: Feria Internacional del Libro de la Ciudad de Nueva York (Spanish Edition), José Higuera López, Carlos Aguasaco, and CUNY Mexican Studies Institute

Works from 2018


BECARI@S Population by CUNY Campus-2012-2018, Jose Higuera Lopez