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Much current research in the field of games-based learning demonstrates that games can be successfully incorporated into educational contexts to increase student engage-ment, motivation, and learning. Academic librarians are also using games as an innova-tive instructional strategy to strengthen students’ research skills and their understanding of information literacy concepts. This article discusses the development and implemen-tation of Quality Counts, a classroom information literacy game designed to teach un-dergraduate students how to evaluate Internet sources. After a brief overview of the game’s development and rules, the article describes the process of playing Quality Counts in several classes and presents the results of qualitative assessments of student engagement and self-perception of learning, including data from classroom observa-tions and student surveys. Finally, the article offers suggestions for next steps and fu-ture research, both for Quality Counts as well as for academic librarians interested in developing or implementing instructional games.


This work was originally published in the Journal of LIbrary Innovation, available at



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