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The department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Technology (MEIDT) at City Tech is seeking to strengthening the skills of its students in manufacturing and design to respond to the urgent needs of the manufacturing industry in general and the prosthetic and medical devices (P&MD) industry in particular to high-skilled engineers and technicians and to provide a national model for advanced technology education. Medical Devices will include: (a) Surgical and Medical Instruments; (b) Surgical Appliances and Supplies; and (c) Dental Equipment and Supplies. The educational merit of the project is that it motivates students to do engineering rather than studying engineering. Students will get the opportunity to connect classroom experience to the medical device industry through intensive hands on experience in medical imaging and concepts of P&MD. Curriculum will be linked to practice so students will apply what they learn in the classroom in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Engineering Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Mechatronics, Tolerance, Product Life Cycle and Management, and Engineering Analysis. Furthermore, the project will adopt advance STEM strategies such as Project-based-Learning and best strategies to teach STEM courses by moving from particular experience (design and manufacturing of medical devices) to general experience (design, manufacturing, materials,…etc). Additionally, the project will build on current ATE centers successful strategies to recruit female students to STEM through introducing them to bio-related projects. The technical merit of the project lies in providing students with the opportunity to collaborate with the industry to work in real-life projects.


Gailani, G. B., & Zhang, A., & Wang, Y., & Berri, S. (2019, June), Advancd Design and Fabrication of Prosthetic and Medical Devices Paper presented at 2019 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition , Tampa, Florida. 10.18260/1-2--32043 © 2019 American Society for Engineering Education.



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