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Spring 4-2022


Libraries have multiple portals to access their electronic resources. At Queens College, the two access portals are the catalog, Ex-Libris’ Primo, and Springshare’s A-Z Database List. The most recent comprehensive review of the A-Z Database List was conducted five years ago by the previous electronic resources librarian. As such, the list had multiple formats for displaying information and lacked consistency. The supporting information for the overall layout of the list was not helpful to users nor library staff. Users should be able to search for the resources they want without getting bogged down by unnecessary jargon, inconsistencies, and fluff.

It was not difficult to get buy in for a comprehensive review. Librarians agreed that the list lacked consistency and a review would be beneficial. Beyond that there was little consensus. Where do we start? How do we approach this?


Sugrim, Sonali. "AZ Database List review: Getting started and keeping the momentum." College & Research Libraries News 83.4 (2022): 171.




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