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Taking algebra is often noted as a key component for student preparation for college and career success. However, this course often serves as a barrier for secondary students to overcome due to their lack of preparation for such abstract contexts and due to a lack of meaningful professional experiences available to assist teachers develop those concepts. Initiatives such as Algebra for All were started to help educators at all grade levels develop methods to expose their students to algebraic thinking. In New York City, a five-course Algebra for All sequence was created for in-service public school educators at a local college in line with the Equity and Excellence initiative. Among those who completed the program, five were selected to participate in this study by being interviewed about their experiences, outcomes, and perceptions of completing a capstone project in which they designed, implemented, and reflected upon a unit plan. Results indicate that participants benefited from the collaborative nature of the project, and demonstrated positive outcomes for themselves, their students, and their colleagues. These results suggest that the unit plan template implemented and the relevant themes of the Algebra for All program have the ability to bring together elementary and secondary mathematics educators in ways that can lead to an overall strengthening of the community of educators in support of student engagement, enjoyment, and the learning of mathematics.


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