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This study is undertaken to learn how Holocaust deniers use Internet websites to attain legitimacy and credibility. I attempt to show that this sort of “historical revision” is actually blanketed anti-Semitism. I examine Holocaust denial as it is viewed by different disciplines. I investigate the main figures of Holocaust denial. As well, I analyze Jewish race theories of the past two hundred years to demonstrate how Jews have been perceived as aliens and as outsiders. The construction of the “Jew as outsider” sets the stage for how Holocaust deniers frame their discourse on their web pages. My research investigates a selection of journal articles and essays that appear on a selected list of Holocaust denial sites. I delve into the following features of the text: coded language, repetitive keywords, underlying themes, word-selection, graphic design, information management, voice, tone, and intended audience. Through conducting a discourse analysis of these texts, specific elements are extracted and discussed. Through a discourse analysis of these web pages, I illustrate that when the user analyses the text, the hidden meanings and messages within the texts, it becomes apparent that these websites are anti-Semitic and racist. Holocaust Denial on the Internet is a new form of anti-Semitism.


This work is an unpublished master's thesis.



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