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A lot of daily activities require more than one person to participate and collaborate with each other; however, for many people, it is not easy to find good partners to engage in activities with one another. With the rapid growth of social network applications, more and more people get used to creating connections with people on the social network. Therefore, designing social network framework for partner-matching is significant in helping people to easily find good partners. In this paper, we proposed a framework which can match partners for an active community. In order to improve the matching performance, all users are divided into groups based on a specific classification tree that is built for a specific activity. The optimization goal of the partner-matching is to maintain as many stable partnerships as possible in the community. To achieve the goal, various factors are considered to design matching functions. The simulation results show that the proposed framework can help most people find stable partners quickly.


This article was originally published in Computational Social Networks, available at DOI:10.1186/s40649-014-0005-0.

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