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Fall 8-1-2019


In this paper, we examine whether and how loosely coupled systems in service supply chains influence the speed of innovation in service organizations. Drawing upon the nomological network of loosely coupled systems, we propose a way for supply chains in the business to business (B2B) market context to be conceptualized as loosely coupled systems and explain how the dialectical elements of modularity at the interface of standard process and content interfaces (SPCI) and structured data connectivity (SDC) enable the sharing of high-quality information through fluid partnership in service supply chains to improve innovation speed. Results that are based on a sample of service firms indicate that SPCI and SDC are positively associated with modular interconnected processes, and they, in turn, positively influence the ability to reconfigure supply chain partners (fluid partnership). Fluid partnership enhances information quality, which in turn, influences innovation speed. Implications are discussed for B2B service supply chain efforts in improving innovation speed.



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