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Spring 5-20-2022


More and more scientific and engineering applications in bone research make pivotal advances in treating patients with orthopedics issues. Hence, bone research in the 21st century combines, inter alia, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and mechanics with complementary characteristics that help a holistic approach to bone-related pathologies. Nowadays, it is hard to connect new evidence when jargoning and money remain two significant obstacles to sharing knowledge. “Recent Advances In Bone Research” is a free book – no money involved at any stage - that combines the most recent efforts in bone research from several experts with different backgrounds, every expert seeks to answer the same question: how my work can help the patients and the work of others scientists? This first book summarizes the BONe InTerdisciplinary sympOSium 2022 held in New York City, Staten Island May 20th, 2022


I am the author of the book



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