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Summer 6-1-2024


We are delighted to present the latest edition of ”Advances in Bone and Orthopedics,” a comprehensive compilation of pioneering research and innovative developments in the field. This volume brings together a selection of peer-reviewed abstracts from BONITOS 2024, the Fourth Season of the Bone and Orthopedics Interdisciplinary Symposium, held on May 31st, 2024, at the College of Staten Island in New York. This symposium, a hallmark event in the calendar of professionals dedicated to bone health and orthopedic excellence. The contributions within this volume reflect the breadth and depth of research presented at BONITOS 2024. These abstracts represent cutting-edge studies in Bone, Biomechanics, and Orthopedics, and have been meticulously reviewed by a panel of esteemed experts to ensure the highest standards of academic rigor and scientific integrity. This collection is designed to be an invaluable resource for researchers, clinicians, and students. It offers insights into the latest advancements, innovative methodologies, and practical applications that are shaping the future of bone and orthopedic science. We express our sincere gratitude to all the researchers and practitioners who have contributed to this volume. Your dedication and hard work are the foundation upon which this publication stands. We also extend our thanks to our peer reviewers, whose expertise and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in the production of this book. As you explore the abstracts within, we hope you find inspiration and valuable knowledge that will inform and enhance your work. Together, through continued collaboration and shared discovery, we can advance the frontiers of bone health and orthopedic care.


Listed authors are editors-in-chief of the book. Additional editors:

Dr Helene Follet, French Institute of Health and Medical Research, France - French Society of Biomechanics Representative

Dr Amanda Rotondo, College of Staten Island, USA - New York Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association Representative

Dr Michael Chiacchiero, College of Staten Island, USA

Dr Aur´elie Levillain, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France



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