Students often assume that librarians sit with their noses stuck in dusty volumes all day. These same students are typically surprised to learn that many librarians actually work extensively with online resources and are adept at navigating websites and databases to uncover the best information. What comes as even more of a surprise? Learning that librarians rely heavily on Google to conduct thorough and credible research.

In this article, the authors will discuss how they helped break this librarian stereotype and turned the tables on preconceived notions of how to conduct smart research using Google for a group of undergraduate students through an interactive online workshop. Specifically, this workshop helped students learn how to use Google to locate credible data, analysis, and information for class projects and career preparation; be more confident in evaluating quality web resources; and showed them how to distinguish between credible and questionable information sources.

Furthermore, the authors will highlight the successes, challenges, and strategies for converting an in-person workshop (taught pre-COVID-19 pandemic) on mastering methods for becoming a Google power user into an interactive online workshop taught asynchronously during the pandemic and beyond. Lastly, the authors will explain how they adapted content from this online course into an evergreen resource for use across communities.



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