This article describes a collaboration between a branch of the Queens Public Library in NY and an academic medical center that delivered a women’s health educational program with an interprofessional team of faculty, trainees, and students. The team delivered interactive 1-hour long monthly sessions in a Question and Answer format guided by a Powerpoint presentation. The overall goal was to deliver health education workshops on common medical conditions (i.e. diabetes, heart disease) and concerns of interest to women across the lifespan (i.e. infertility, dementia) to improve the health literacy of local community members. We outlined the steps in establishing this collaboration, the process of selecting topics and describe lessons learned from this endeavor, as well as future directions. As we move toward population health management, innovative means such as partnerships with local libraries represent one way to reach the public. This type of programming has potential to improve health literacy and address social determinants of health by providing the community members with timely, trusted health-related information.



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