Jeanne Ford

Document Type


Publication Date

Fall 1974


Feminists' activities at the University of Texas at Arlington have received official sanction in two areas: first, the Women's Studies Center completed its second year by offering five courses and conducting a research project; second, reports for the Status of Women Committee have drawn attention to inequities in salary and promotion policies.

In October 1971, as a direct result of the feminist movement throughout the nation, the former president of the University appointed six faculty and six staff members to the Status of Women Committee, currently seven women and five men. While no student is presently represented on the Committee, the new president is sympathetic to that idea. The responsibilities of the Committee are twofold: (1) to study all areas of the University structure—faculty, staff, and student—for possible sex discrimination and to advise the President of its findings and cooperate with him in finding ways to avoid or eliminate such discrimination; and (2) to serve as a hearing committee for individual or group complaints of sex discrimination from faculty, staff, and students and to report to the President those cases which, in the Committee's judgement, are indicative of discrimination.



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