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Spring 1974


Another U.S. Congressperson, Senator Charles C. Percy, has introduced legislation to promote equal educational opportunities for women. The Women's Equal Educational Opportunity Act of 1974, like the Women's Educational Equity Act introduced by Representative Patsy Mink and Senator Walter Mondale, "is an attempt to call a halt to the processes that have robbed women of their potential. ... " Senator Percy contends that landmark laws such as Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 are alone not enough to ensure equal educational opportunity for women. While the Mink and Mondale bill will "create a new program to support a wide range of projects and activities designed to eliminate sex discrimination in education, the Women's Equal Educational Opportunity Act would amend existing law, including provisions under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Higher Education Act and the Vocational Education Act, to ensure that Federal support for education is used to remedy the effects of past discrimination .... "



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