Corrine Lucido

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Winter 1974


The following is an excerpt from a forthcoming book by Corrine Lucido to be published by The Feminist Press. Community Workshops On Children's Books grew out of a project funded by the Rockefeller Family Fund.

Have you ever thought of using a slide show to dramatize the findings of a feminist project you've been working on in your own community? If so, you probably wondered how much time was involved, how much it would cost and what special skills you might need to make one. We asked these same questions last year when we considered making slides for our Community Workshops on Children's Books in Mt. Holyoke, Mass., Baltimore, Md. and Westbury, N.Y. Ultimately, two of the Workshops decided to go ahead and make slides on stereotypes in local children's book collections. Though there are several slide shows which deal with the subject, we wanted to produce shows about particular books in our communities. We'd like to share with you what we learned from those experiences.



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