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Fall 1976


You may never have heard of Capital University (2500 students, affiliated with the American Lutheran Church), but I can introduce the character of our campus very quickly: located in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, founded 125 years ago and drawing the majority of its students from Ohio. Befitting its loca tion in this conservative area of the Midwest, the campus too is highly conservative. Nevertheless, in this environment a sustained and dedicated effort has been going on for the past four years to bring a feminist perspective to our campus, to encourage and keep feminist students and to develop a solid core of women's studies courses. Despite some faculty and alumni opposition, we now offer a number of women's studies courses on a regular or semi-regular basis in a variety of departments, taught from a variety of approaches, but all incorporating a recognition of the fem inist viewpoint. Our most innovative program, considered extremely experimental on our campus, will go into effect this fall: a three-term (two semesters, one interim) living/learning experience in women's studies.



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