Florence Howe

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Publication Date

Winter 1976


In a year during which we have read each week of cutbacks in some college or univers ity system, it is heartening to be able to report that the growth of women's studies has continued at least at its previous rate. No programs have been lost. We seem to have reached no plateau—the growth is still accelerating slightly. While in the previous 18 months (from the summer of 1973 until December 1974) 37 new programs were announced, in the past 12 months, 40 new programs have appeared. Perhaps more important than the continued rise in the number of programs is their new character. Two trends are observable here: a sharp rise in the number of minor- or degree-granting programs has reversed the percentages of last year— two-thirds of programs now offer minors or degrees; and a concommitant formalizing of the curriculum has occurred within those programs. Perhaps as interesting is the fact that programs have begun to structure curriculum in terms of careers for students.



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