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Summer 1978


The following is part of a bibliographical essay which will appear in Black Women's Studies, to be published by The Feminist Press. The complete essay goes on to include extensive bibliographical information on individual Black women novelists.

Novels written by Black American women have been woefully neglected by scholars, Black and white. They have been mentioned in footnotes, cited in cross-references, tucked away in bibliographies, and glossed over in reviews and surveys. Few are mentioned in the Encyclopedia Americana. No comprehensive study of the novel by Black American women exists. To date, no individual Black American female novelist and her novels have been dealt with in a book-length published study. Doctoral dissertations on the Black American female novelist are only just beginning to emerge, and contributions to scholarly journals on her novels are few and far between. In view of the neglect of these novels, this essay has been written as a guide for teachers and students.



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