Amy Swerdlow

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Spring 1978


In the summer of 1976, 43 high school teachers from 16 states across the country participated at Sarah Lawrence College in an intensive three-week Summer Institute on the Integration of Women's History into the High School Curriculum. The Institute was conceived by the Committee on Women Historians of the American Historical Association, sponsored by the American Historical Association, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, and co-sponsored and designed by the Graduate Program in Women's History at Sarah Lawrence.

Responding to a need among high school teachers for training and materials in women's history, which has proven to be one of the newest and most stimulating perspectives in the writing and teaching of history, the program not only helped teachers correct the biases and omissions of outdated history texts and lesson plans but also stimulated in them, and ultimately in their students, a deepened appreciation for the relevance of historical study.



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