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Winter 1978


By now the Houston conference of November 18 to 21, 1977, is history. For the convenience of our readers, we print below those eight resolutions amended or substituted or added at the conference. Eighteen other resolutions were adopted without alteration, on the following subjects: Arts and Humanities; Battered Women; Business; Child Abuse; Child Care; Credit; Elective and Appointive Office; Employment; Equal Rights Amendment; Health; Homemakers; Insurance; International Affairs; Media; Offenders; Reproductive Freedom; Sexual Preference; Statistics.

For copies of all resolutions in the official conference program, the historic IWYtabloid, and the 1976 IWY Report, " ...To Form A More Perfect Union... ," send a donation of $3.00 (plus .50 postage) to IWY Commission, PO Box 15 67, Washington, DC 20013. T-shirts and posters are also available.



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