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Summer 1979


Nearly 100 registered exhibitors utilized 72 reserved tables at NWSA's First Convention. In addition, five "free tables" allowed for the spontaneous participation of countless other individuals and organizations. In many respects, the displays area was a busy microcosm of the larger Convention. Exhibitors ranged in size from an independent poet showing her solitary book of verses to a large publishing house displaying more than 100 titles in women's studies. Books included scholarly anthologies and "pop" paperbacks. Indeed, almost every idea endemic to women's studies could be found somewhere. Several political organizations also reserved space to share their concerns, and a number of feminist entrepreneurs sold various wares. Amidst this cornucopia, the NWSA National Office sold, as fundraisers, T-shirts, buttons, calendars, music sheets, posters, and books (which are still available through the office in Maryland; see box on page 28 of this issue).



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