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Summer 1979


One of the many challenges to the NWSA in Lawrence came from the Association's Finance Committee, who, after a summary of the Association's financial history, made several specific recommendations based on their reflection about the relationship between our past financial behavior and our continuing effort to understand ourselves as a feminist organization. The recommendations should be the beginning of a discussion among all our members of the relationship between feminism and money.

The Finance Committee recommended that the NWSA as an organization dedicate itself to developing an attitude of fiscal responsibility in the Coordinating Council and the membership as a whole. To this end, the committee recommended that a membership drive be a top priority for the next year and that each member make that drive a personal responsibility, basing her efforts to enlist her friends' and colleagues' support on the importance of paying for the value received from sisters at least as much as we must pay for what we receive from the patriarchal marketplace.



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