MaryJo Wagner

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Summer 1979


Those of us involved in the machinery and politics of the Convention and of our regions were the ones to whom complaints were registered. We were the ones who heard the concerns of caucuses, the ones who listened anxiously to angry voices at the microphones during the Delegate Assembly, the ones who took notes at the final evaluation session. Distressed by the anger we heard and exhausted from the hectic pace, we reacted defensively. After all, we had worked hard. We deserved strokes, not criticism. Maybe the Convention was not perfect, but we did try, and it was, after all, the First Convention.

We are still discussing what went wrong and why, what can be improved and how, and what was a success. How can we get a larger participation of Third World women? Whose responsibility is that? Were the academic and disciplinary concerns of university women addressed? Should they be? Why did some of the older women feel alienated? How can the Association raise more money and, when it does, how should that money be spent?



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