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Winter 1979


Women from the Tucson community and the University of Arizona collaborated to design a two-week Teachers' Institute for Equality in Education. Held last June on the university campus, the Institute was designed to help Arizona teachers of grades K through 12 develop nonsexist classroom methods and materials. The many inquiries we have received from other educators and women's studies personnel throughout the country suggest that information about our program will help others design similar institutes in their own regions.

We planned our Institute for the summer, since there is little time or money for bringing women's studies information to elementary and secondary teachers during the academic year. Funding for the Institute came from a $51,026 grant under Title IV of the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Desegregation of Public Education), a source suggested by Alison Hughes, director of the Tucson Women's Commission and former grants writer for Tucson's Pima Community College. The Title IV grant enabled us to pay Arizona teachers stipends, including per diem expenses to out-of-towners. The grant also provided honoraria to the university and community women who have participated endlessly, as volunteers, in so many of our programs. Myra Dinnerstein and Sherry O'Donnell of the university Women's Studies Program administered the grant, provided speakers and consultants, and assembled women's studies research guides. College of Education faculty members Betty Newlon and Brenda Even served as elementary and secondary school directors. They developed grade appropriate curriculum materials and classroom procedures, contacted Institute panelists, and served as liaisons between the university and Arizona public schools.



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