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Fall 1980


To the Women's Studies Newsletter:

The National Institute of Education, which commissioned a series of eight monographs on women's studies as well as the Women's Studies Evaluation Handbook, has, since March 1980, been in the publishing and distribution business, mailing the 2,500 copies of the monograph series and handbook both to preset mailing lists (e.g., all women's studies programs, centers for research on women, libraries subscribing to this Newsletter, women's caucuses and commissions on the status of women in the professions, and higher education associations) and to those who have responded to various solicited and unsolicited notices in newsletters and journals. As the Project Officer on this work and senior author of the evaluation handbook, I have been keenly interested in who has asked for copies of the monograph series and the handbook. I have been pleasantly surprised both by the amount of interest and by the diversity of organizations and individuals who have requested copies. For those of you administering women's studies programs, your audience may be greater than you think.



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