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Fall 1980


In the fall of 1972, the Women's Studies Newsletter appeared for the first time, as four pages of national news about women's studies in schools and colleges. We were "national" at least in part because there were no "local," "regional," or even campus-based newsletters. Since then, the Newsletter has followed the growth of women's studies across the nation—in schools and colleges and in such nontraditional settings as prisons, nursing homes, and community-based women's centers. The network thus created became the core for the National Women's Studies Association's beginnings in 1977. It is not surprising that now, in 1980, one can point to dozens of campus-based "women's studies newsletters"; to NWSA's regional "newsletters"; and to a new program directors' "newsletter" within NWSA. It is even confusing on occasion to refer to "the" Women's Studies Newsletter.

Meanwhile, for more than half its life, the Newsletter has been a 32-page publication and not really a "newsletter" at all. Increasingly during this period, we have wanted more space for publishing the reports and features needed by feminists working for educational change. We turn away far more than we can print, and we pare to the bone the material we do print. We allow very little space for the occasional poem or drawing that delights as well as instructs.

For these reasons, therefore, we are pleased to announce that, beginning in 1981, the Women's Studies Newsletter will become the Women's Studies Quarterly. We are pleased also to continue the copublishing arrangement with NWSA. Long-term subscriptions to the Newsletter will be honored by the Quarterly, though our pages will expand and regular subscription rates will rise somewhat.



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