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Summer 1980


To the Women's Studies Newsletter:

I left Bloomington after the NWSA Convention both elated and concerned. As one of the Program Coordinators I was generally happy with the Convention and appreciative of the many "thank yous" I had received. Most of the women to whom I spoke expressed satisfaction with the meeting and felt that the time they had spent in Bloomington had been energizing and educational. I want to thank each woman for her support and positive feedback.

Yet, as I left Bloomington, my elation was tinged with anger and concern because I had witnessed a great deal of insensitive and unfeminist behavior. What I am about to say in no way applies to all participants/registrants at the Convention, most of whom were congenial and cooperative. Yet the insensitivity and unfeminist behavior which I saw and experienced were prevalent enough to generate, in me and in several others, a concern for our values and principles.



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