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Summer 1980


Despite the fact that approximately 70 percent of those being trained in schools of education are women, most schools of education, as Florence Howe has recently pointed out (Harvard Educational Review, Special Issue on Women, vol. 49, no. 4, November 1979), have been resistant to the impact of the women's movement. This situation underscores the mandate of NWSA to reach out to public school educators, who play a crucial role in either perpetuating or counteracting sex stereotyping and the low aspirations of women.

The plan to involve more preK-12 teachers in the Second NWSA Convention began with the development of a course for graduate credit in elementary or secondary education. Credit was to be earned through Convention attendance and followup activities designed to help teachers integrate feminist pedagogy into their classrooms. We were successful in securing a grant from the Lilly Foundation which paid for publicity, and for Convention and graduate credit costs for 12 Indiana public school teachers.



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