Nancy Dean

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Summer 1980


In 1977 a group of 12 women from New York and Connecticut formed The Astraea Foundation to support the efforts of women to develop economic independence and foster personal well-being. The by-laws establish the Foundation as multiracial and multiethnic; its Central Board as at least 5O percent minority in membership; and its aim to provide financial assistance to those who have little access to funding. Now incorporated and tax exempt, the Foundation has completed its first disbursement cycle, awarding 55,000 to groups from the Northeast region of the country who fulfill its multiracial, multiethnic, and feminist criteria.

Where does the money come from? The Astraea Foundation raises funds through various activities and through personal donations. While women as individuals may be poor—and as a "class" may be far below their brothers in economic power—still, leagued together, they can achieve important goals.



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