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Summer 1980



By Elaine Reuben

At the opening session of the 1980 NWSA Convention, Dale Spender urged U.S. feminist educators to educate themselves beyond national boundaries. She called for an extension of our consciousness-raising efforts to understand and appreciate differences within an international feminist movement: for our own sakes, as well as for our sisters around the globe.

In the Spring Newsletter editorial, Florence Howe noted the large questions and hard choices posed by a growing awareness of international developments in women's studies. "Should we be institution-building in the U.S. or helping, advising, missionizing, urging—and learning from—women's studies internationally?" she queried, knowing that there cannot be an either/or answer to such a question, any more than to similar questions about development of women's studies programs and projects vs. integration of women's studies into the general curriculum.



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