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Winter 1980


The following consciousness-raising guidelines were developed as a way of enabling feminists to explore and understand their own racist feelings and behavior through the use of a uniquely feminist tool. "The CR format," the authors explained in a preface which originally appeared, along with the guidelines, in the Cambridge, Massachusetts, newspaper Sojourner (4:9 May 1979), "encourages personal sharing, risk-taking, and involvement, which are essential for getting at how each of us is racist in a daily way, and it encourages the 'personal' change that makes political transformation and action possible." Although the authors caution "that these guidelines are not instant solutions—you can't spend fifteen minutes on each topic and assume you're done," the guidelines can serve as a beginning for a variety of social action groups and community workshops. They are also adaptable for women's studies classrooms in various settings, and we therefore reprint them, with the authors' permission, below.



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