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Winter 1981


NWSA's New Coordinator

The Search Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Gore as National Coordinator. A founding member of the Association, Susan Gore coordinated the Founding Conference of the South Central Women's Studies Association in 1978 and served on the Coordinating Council in 1979-1980. "Previously my most visible contribution to this organization has been handling the Annual Convention T-shirts," she said. "I hope to be able to do much more in the role of Coordinator."

A self-described "persistent optimist," Gore took her place in the National Office on September I, having spent the past year teaching for the University of Maryland's European Division. Prior to that, she taught for four years at Texas Christian University and for one year at Memphis State University. Gore was also Educational Services Coordinator for the Family and Individual Services Association in Ft. Worth, Texas, during 1980.



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