Pamella Farley

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Publication Date

Fall 1981


Using the techniques of the consciousness-raising groups of the women's movement from the '60s and '70s, white women in my "Experienced" group worked together to confront elements of racism in our present stages of work and address ourselves to the tasks of moving on. Many of us found that we needed to combat despair and resentment—the effects of being scapegoated, unsuccessful, unsupported, and punished. Each member of the group stated a need, a goal, and a strength in her antiracism work, and in small groups shared feelings about the themes of anger, guilt, fear, and creative energy, and responses to the messages of Rich and Lorde. Sharing my emotional responses, rather than just talking about them, was powerful; instead of draining me, the experience released new energy by going underneath anger to pain and the deepest sources of caring.



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