Annette Kolodny

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Fall 1981


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Though I have tried to give some sense of the variety of people and attitudes in my CR group, I alone must take full responsibility for the opinions and viewpoints expressed here. I do not wish to suggest that everyone in the group responded as I did; nor do I wish to suggest that our group was in any way representative of the two other CR groups for Jewish Women, since I have no knowledge of what transpired in those groups.

We began as a group of sixteen, ranging in age from twenty-two to sixty-five, and including one mother-daughter pair. Though we varied tn our sexual orientation (about half the women identified themselves as lesbian, half as heterosexual), our places of birth and upbringing, our religious training (if any), and our economic and social origins, all but one was college-educated, and most were (or had been) affiliated with a college or university in the course of their professional careers. This last may perhaps explain the sense of intimacy that quickly developed; or it may have been due to the fact that a number of women in the group already knew one or two others. In my view, however, what drew us closely together was what was revealed in our first hour: that each, in her own way, acknowledged that she needed to be there.



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